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Dress of the Week! (Which is kinda cheating today cause it’s a skirt and blouse combo)

Soooooo I looked pretty fucking good today not gonna lie…

I don’t usually say that, but hot damn. I don’t even like wearing skirts and this one made me feel awesome, therefore I looked awesome. (All that counts is how you feel when you wear the clothes you select!)

Skirt from Rue21 - $2.50 

Magenta lace tank top from Dots - $2

Thermal tights, to keep me warm, from ebay - $3

Lace moto jacket from Papaya (optional, it was cold today so I decided to wear it) - $10.00 <— without it, the outfit would have cost only $8!

  1. acciosilver said: That outfit is AWESOME. You look so good!! *.*
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